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Astra vs Generatepress Theme:Which one better ?

Astra vs Generatepress ThemeWhich one better

When choosing a WordPress theme, the battle often comes down to Astra vs GeneratePress. Both popular for their speed, customization, and ease of use, they stand as top contenders. But which reigns supreme for your website needs?

Astra theme vs generatepress which is better?

Feature CategoryAstraGeneratePress
Starter SitesOver 240 templates, more varietyLimited range compared to Astra
PricingThree options, starting at $59/yearTwo options, $59/year and $249 lifetime
ModulesLonger list of modules, more featuresMore streamlined module list
PerformanceVery good, slightly less than GeneratePressSlightly better in default state
Page Builder CompatibilityAdditional options like sticky/transparent headersBasic page-level controls
Developer-FriendlinessGood, with a slight edge for GeneratePressVery developer-friendly with unified customizations
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GeneratePress vs. Astra Performance Compared

When choosing a WordPress theme, the performance of GeneratePress and Astra is a big factor to consider. Both are lightweight and performance-optimized, but they have some differences.

Performance Metrics

Generatepress speed test

  • HTTP Requests: GeneratePress makes fewer HTTP requests (7) compared to Astra (9). Fewer HTTP requests usually mean faster loading times.
  • Page Size: GeneratePress has a smaller page size (26 KB) than Astra (42 KB). A smaller page size can contribute to quicker page loading.
  • Speed Index: Both themes significantly improve their speed index when using WP Rocket, a caching plugin, and Imagify, an image optimizer. With these tools, both themes achieve a near-perfect mobile performance score on PageSpeed Insights.
Astra speedtest-nichepursuits

Page Builder Compatibility

  • GeneratePress: Offers a variety of page-level customization options, including layout adjustments and the ability to disable certain elements.
  • Astra: Provides detailed page-level controls and additional options like sticky or transparent headers.


Both GeneratePress and Astra have free versions, but their premium versions offer more features.

  • GeneratePress Premium is available for $59/year or $249 for lifetime updates and can be used on up to 500 sites.
  • Astra has three premium options, starting at $59/year for Astra Pro. The Essential Bundle and Growth Bundle offer more features and start at $169/year.

Unique Features

  • GeneratePress focuses on simplicity, stability, and compatibility with a wide range of plugins. It’s known for its clean and optimized code and excellent support.
  • Astra is feature-rich, offering unique features like LearnDash and LifterLMS integration, a large demo site catalog, and excellent Elementor integration.


Both themes are developer-friendly, but GeneratePress might have a slight edge due to its unified approach to customizations.


  • GeneratePress is ideal if you prioritize simplicity, speed, and compatibility.
  • Astra is a great choice if you need more features and flexibility, especially with page builders.

Is Astra Faster than GeneratePress? – Key Answers

Performance MetricGeneratePress (With WP Rocket + Imagify)Astra (With WP Rocket + Imagify)
PageSpeed Insights Score100/100100/100
Total Loading Time2.1 seconds2.2 seconds
Page Size547 KB588 KB
HTTP Requests1516

Astra vs generatepress addon comparison 

1.GeneratePress Addon – GenerateBlocks

GeneratePress, a highly respected WordPress theme, pairs well with its addon called GenerateBlocks.

While detailed information about this addon wasn’t directly obtained, GenerateBlocks is known for providing users with more control and flexibility in designing their websites.

It offers various block elements that work seamlessly with GeneratePress, enhancing the theme’s functionality and customization options.

This addon essentially eliminates the need for multiple page builder plugins by offering a set of versatile blocks for building website content.

2.Astra Addon Bundle

Astra, on the other hand, offers an extensive array of features in its Pro addon, which significantly expands the capabilities of the free Astra theme. The Astra Pro addon includes:

  • Site Layouts: Options like boxed, full width, padded, and fluid layouts.
  • Typography and Color Controls: Over 800+ Google fonts and comprehensive color management for different website areas.
  • Blog Layouts: Various blog designs including grid, list, and masonry.
  • Multiple Header Designs: Including sticky and transparent headers.
  • Flexible Footer Layouts: Customizable footer designs with different column options.
  • WooCommerce Integration: Enhanced e-commerce features for a better shopping experience.
  • LifterLMS and LearnDash Integration: For creating online courses and learning platforms.
  • White Label: To personalize the theme as your own.
  • Mega Menu, Spacing Control, Hooks & Filters: For advanced website design and functionality​​.

Additionally, the Astra Pro addon comes in different plans:

  • Pro Plan: $59/year with features like header builder, premium support, and unlimited website usage.
  • Essential Bundle: $169/year, adding 180+ premium starter templates and page builder addons.
  • Growth Bundle: $249/year, a complete suite for online business growth with additional plugins and tools​​.

Feature Comparison: Astra Free vs Pro

For a more detailed comparison, Astra Free and Pro offer different levels of functionality, especially for blogs, archives, and WooCommerce integration.

The Pro version brings enhanced options for blog and archive page layouts, additional WooCommerce features, and more detailed customization for single posts and sidebars​​.

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Which is best, Astra or GeneratePress?

Both Astra and GeneratePress are highly regarded WordPress themes known for their speed and customization.

Astra offers a broader selection of starter sites and more extensive free features, making it potentially a better choice if you’re looking for flexibility and a wide range of design options.

GeneratePress, however, is slightly ahead in performance metrics and is appreciated for its simplicity and clean coding.

The best choice depends on your specific needs, such as the level of customization you desire or the performance you require for your site​​​​.

Is GeneratePress the fastest theme?

GeneratePress is renowned for its speed and efficiency. It’s considered one of the fastest WordPress themes due to its lightweight design and optimized code.

However, while it’s incredibly fast, whether it’s the absolute fastest may depend on various factors like the specific setup and plugins used.

It’s certainly a top contender in terms of speed among WordPress themes​​​​.

What is better than Astra?

“Better” is subjective and depends on your requirements. While Astra is a strong choice with its extensive templates and customization options, alternatives like GeneratePress may be preferred for their performance and simplicity.

Other themes such as OceanWP or Kadence could also be considered depending on the specific features and design flexibility you’re looking for​​​​.

Is Astra the best WordPress theme?

Astra is undoubtedly one of the top WordPress themes, especially for its flexibility, wide range of starter templates, and compatibility with various page builders.

It’s highly customizable and offers numerous features, making it a favorite among many users.

However, whether it’s the “best” theme depends on individual needs and preferences. Other themes like GeneratePress also have strong followings and might be more suited to certain users, particularly those prioritizing performance and a streamlined approach​​​​.


Both Astra and GeneratePress are excellent WordPress themes, each with its own strengths.

Astra shines with its extensive range of templates and customization options, making it ideal for users seeking flexibility and design variety.

GeneratePress, known for its performance and clean coding, is a top choice for those prioritizing speed and simplicity.

For those exploring further options, comparing Astra with Kadence Theme could provide additional insights.

Kadence is another popular WordPress theme known for its lightweight structure and versatile design capabilities, presenting a different set of features and benefits that might suit specific needs.

An article comparing Astra and Kadence would offer valuable perspectives for users deciding on the most suitable theme for their WordPress projects​​​​.