Can WordPress themes be customized?

Are you in this query that the WordPress theme can be customized?

The look and layout of many WordPress themes may be customized using built-in options, page builder, and custom code. Plugins are another way to increase your customizing possibilities.

This article will prove the way you may quickly customize your WordPress theme in various ways.

WordPress customization by using default Customization.

WordPress themes can be modified using the theme’s built-in basic customization options. Depending on the particular theme you’re using, there may be a difference in the level of customization choices available.

With the use of the built-in Theme Customizer tool provided by WordPress, you may change a variety of the theme’s design and functionality without having to change any code. Go to “Appearance” -> “Customize” in your WordPress dashboard to open the Theme Customizer.

You can change things like colors, fonts, background pictures, header and footer layouts, and menu styles. And much more after you’ve entered the Theme Customizer. These choices may differ from theme to theme, but they offer a simple interface for customizing the theme’s appearance.

Before saving your changes, you can view a live preview of them in the Theme Customizer to see how they will appear on your website. It is simpler to experiment with many customization options and get the ideal look for your website thanks to this real-time preview feature.

Some themes may include extra change options in their own settings panels or options pages in addition to the Theme Customizer. Depending on the theme, these options can range greatly. But they frequently offer further control over the theme’s layout, widgets, page layouts, and other components.

A quick and easy approach to customize the look of your website is by using the default customization options offered by a WordPress theme. The use of custom CSS, child themes, or plugins, as described in the previous response, may be necessary. If you have more specific customization needs or wish to make more sophisticated adjustments.

WordPress customization by using Page Builder:

Page builders can be used to customize WordPress themes. The layout and content of your pages can be created and customized using drag-and-drop plugins called “page builders.”

Without writing any code, you may alter the layout and look of your pages using a page builder. Using a visual editor, you can add items like text, photos, videos, buttons, columns, and more and arrange them on the page. This enables you to make custom page designs and layouts that satisfy your demands.

Popular WordPress plugins for page builders include:


The plugin Elementor is a popular page builder plugin with an easy-to-use interface and lots of customization options. It enables you to design intricate layouts and edit any element of your pages.

Beaver Builder:

Another well-liked page builder with a drag-and-drop user interface and a selection of pre-made layouts is Beaver Builder. To create unique page layouts, it offers a wide variety of modules and customization choices.

Divi Builder:

The Divi theme includes a robust page builder called Divi Builder. To create gorgeous sites, it provides a visual drag-and-drop interface, pre-designed layouts, and a variety of customization possibilities.

The majority of WordPress themes, including both free and paid themes, are compatible with these page builders. You can start customizing the page using the builder’s tools and options after activating the page builder plugin, creating a new page, editing an existing one, or both.

By having more control over the content and style of your pages when using a page builder, you may make more eye-catching and distinctive designs. However, keep in mind that the material you’ve prepared with the page builder might need some revisions to fit the new theme’s structure if you move to a different theme or disable the page builder plugin.

WordPress theme customization by using the custom code:

You may use custom code to change WordPress themes. By changing the theme’s source code, you can make more complex changes to it if you are familiar with HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Here are some techniques for modifying a WordPress theme with custom code:

Custom CSS:

To change the theme’s appearance, add custom CSS code. This may entail altering the font, margin, and other stylistic elements. A plugin like “Simple Custom CSS” or “Custom CSS and JavaScript” can be used to add your own CSS code. If the theme you’re using doesn’t already provide an option to do so in the Theme Customizer.

Child Theme:

If you wish to make significant changes to a theme, establishing a child theme is advised. A child theme gives you the option to replace particular template files or add new ones while still inheriting the functionality and design of its parent theme.

By doing this, you can be sure that your changes will be preserved when the parent theme is changed. By adhering to the instructions offered by, you can develop a child theme.

WordPress themes are made up of a number of template files that regulate the organization and design of various website elements. You can change the functionality and appearance of the theme by modifying these template files.

But you must be careful while making modifications to template files because the wrong ones can cause your website to malfunction. Before modifying template files, it is advised you make a backup and be well-versed in PHP and HTML.

Custom Functions:

WordPress has hooks and filters that let you use PHP code to include custom functionality in your theme. To add new functions and change how your theme acts, you may either build a custom function. POP file within your child theme or use a plugin like “Code Snippets”.

Using code to modify a WordPress theme offers you total control over the overall appearance of your website. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that custom code alterations can need continuing upkeep and risk being overwritten if the theme is ever updated. Therefore, to ensure a seamless upgrade procedure, it is advised to document your modifications and retain backups.

Why customized your WordPress theme?

WordPress themes offer broad website niches. Examples include templates for various kinds of websites for small businesses, photographers, bloggers, and more. You must change the theme you choose to suit your needs after choosing it.

You could wish to use your own unique logo, and brand colors, slightly alter the layout, adjust the font sizes, add your own photographs, and more.

Some of these adjustments are required to create a website that accurately reflects your company and brand and is unique from the competition. These choices may change considerably from one WordPress theme to another, depending on which one you select.

For instance, whereas other themes may not even include a sidebar in their layout, some may let you change the sidebar from the right to the left.

Therefore, let’s look at how to quickly add customizations to your WordPress theme without writing any code and advance it without causing your website to malfunction.

Final Thoughts:

WordPress themes are simple to modify to meet your individual requirements and tastes. There are many options available to customize your theme, regardless of your level of technical proficiency.

Without extensive technical experience, you can quickly change the look, layout, and functionality of your WordPress theme, with the help of using the built-in Theme Customizer, page builders, and plugin setups. You can design a visually attractive and highly customized website that represents your business or personal style with the customization options at your disposal.


Is the WordPress theme 100% customizable?

WordPress is completely open source. You can so customize it as you like. Viewing and editing the entire source code is possible. Every theme and plugin’s code is also modifiable.

Can a WordPress theme be customized for free?

Yes, WordPress can be changed without cost. Since WordPress is open-source software, the official WordPress theme library offers thousands of free themes. These themes frequently have pre-installed customization options, including color schemes, font selections, layout options, and more.

How to edit WordPress themes without coding?

The built-in Theme Customizer in WordPress lets you modify the theme’s appearance, including its colors, fonts, and layout settings.

This occurs without having to know any coding. Additionally, you can alter the structure and appearance of your pages with page builder plugins, which offer a visual drag-and-drop interface. These options provide ways to alter your WordPress theme without using code.

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