10 Best Fastest WordPress Themes(Free,Paid) 2023

A WordPress theme is a collection of files that controls a WordPress website’s overall look. Its structure and functionality. It is made up of template files, stylesheets, pictures, and other resources. They combine to produce a website’s visual appearance and user interface.

Today in this article we are going to guide you on how you can choose the Fastest WordPress themes.

Purpose of WordPress theme:

A WordPress theme’s main functions are to give a website a cohesive, consistent design and to increase its functionality. The following are some essential components of a theme’s definition and goal:

1. Design:

A theme determines how a website will look, including things like color schemes, typography, page layouts, and graphic components. Owners of websites can select a design that corresponds to their brand, target market, and preferred aesthetics.

2. Layout and Structure: 

By dividing the material into sections like headers, footers, sidebars, and content areas, themes define the layout and structure of a website. They choose where and how certain items are displayed on each page and post.

In light of the growing popularity of mobile devices, a theme’s responsiveness is essential. The layout and appearance of the website are adjusted and optimized for different screen sizes and devices by the responsive design of the themes, ensuring a consistent user experience across all platforms.

3. Customization:

Themes include options for customization that let users change some aspects of appearance and functionality without having to write any code. Changes can be made to fonts, background images, colors, and other aesthetic components.

4. Functionality: 

By integrating particular features and capabilities, themes can increase the usability of a website built with WordPress. Certain themes include pre-installed features like sliders, contact forms, portfolio galleries, or e-commerce integration. They might also facilitate the addition of plugins that extend the functionality of a website.

User Experience:

A well-designed theme improves the user experience by offering simple interfaces, intuitive navigation, and well-organized content. Theme assists in building user-friendly, appealing, and accessible websites.

Branding and identity:

Using a theme enables website owners to match their brand identity with the layout of their website. It makes it possible to brand consistently across all pages and preserves a unified visual depiction of the business or person behind the website.

In conclusion, a WordPress theme establishes a website’s appearance, structure, and functionality, while enabling users to add their unique touches and maintain a unified, aesthetically pleasing user interface.

Factors to consider for the fastest WordPress theme:

It’s crucial to choose one of the quickest WordPress themes for your website that prioritizes speed and performance without compromising on features, functionality, or appearance.

 A quick theme can enhance the user experience for visitors, lower bounce rates, and improve your SERP position. Start by looking for a light theme that is resource-efficient, prioritizes few HTTP calls, has clear, optimized code, and stays away from bloated or pointless scripts.

Additionally, the theme you choose should be responsive, which means it will work well on all screen sizes. 

Given that Google uses a mobile-first algorithm to rank its results, mobile design is particularly crucial. Don’t forget to assess the developer of the theme’s level of assistance. Support is essential if you run into any problems when developing your website, after all. 

By picking the ideal theme, you can build a website that loads quickly and offers an outstanding user experience to visitors.

List of 10 best Fastest WordPress themes

Do you want your website to run as efficiently as possible? You need these free and paid WordPress themes that load the fastest.

We are fortunate that thousands of WordPress themes are available that are free as well as paid.


Finding the quickest one is difficult. At that point, our examination of completely tested topics is put into use. We searched and performed some speed tests on the most popular WordPress themes for you. 

Here is a list of the most well-liked themes available (both free and paid) for analysis:

1. Generate press:

Generate Press, is one of the best block themes out there, with a lightweight framework optimized for speed. You can also use Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, or Generate Blocks to customize your site. Can’t design your site? Don’t worry. With Generate Press Premium, you can construct your site on one of 100 professionally designed starter templates, all with Generate Press’s quick capabilities.

 Key Features and Benefits:

  • 100% Google page speed score
  • Page size: 7.5kb
  • Requests: 2
  • Zero dependence
  • Fastest theme
  • Increasing coding speed on site

Performance and speed test:

Generate Press performs exceptionally well. Its Google and GTMetrix scores demonstrate its dedication to excellence. Thanks to its very modest 7.5kb page size, even a basic e-commerce site can expect an almost perfect 100%-page speed score.

However, Generate Press optimizes efficiency by limiting HTTP requests to two. It’s one of the fastest themes because it doesn’t use jQuery. Its improved WordPress code speeds up your website.

Page builder compatibility:

GeneratePress is compatible with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg (WordPress default block editor) due to its lightweight and flexible design. It allows page builders to take full control over the content area, avoiding conflicts and ensuring a smooth, seamless integration and editing experience.


Free, with premium options starting at $59 per year.

2. Astra:

Astra is a popular, simple WordPress theme. Astra comes with over 240 design templates for all main company sectors that you can import with one click. After that, you may add text and photos, configure global colors and typography, and go. Major page builders allow you to design any site. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Google page load time of .4 seconds 
  • 50kb page.
  • JavaScript only, no jQuery.
  • Self-hosted Google fonts
  • WordPress optimization
  • Free to try

Performance and speed test:

Astra prioritizes performance. No jQuery, plain JavaScript framework. Render-blocking code won’t slow your site. The theme runs on 50kb of resources, which boosts speed. A half-second page load time, streamlined code, and self-hosted Google fonts reduce HTTP requests, improving performance. 

Astra is best for basic, quick websites with hundreds of pre-made themes. It’s free to try. A premium license adds tons of features, including Woo Commerce upgrades, a mega menu, white-labeling WordPress, and more.

Page builder Compatibility:

Astra is a WordPress theme that is compatible with all major page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, etc. It is built to work seamlessly with these page builders

3. Neve:

Neve, another ThemeIsle theme, is next. It supports AMP, is mobile-first, and works with any page builder. These qualities make Neve one of our fastest themes, making it easier to satisfy Google’s SEO algorithm.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 28kb page.
  • Loading GTMetrix.6s
  • Google 100%-page speed.
  • Adds fast view 
  • Performance 
  • Excellent support

Performance and speed test:

Neve provides speed scores on its website to prove it can be fast for everyone. It’s obvious why with a 28kb page size, 100% Google page performance scores, and a GTMetrix page loading time of.6 seconds.

Neve features speed and performance optimizations, more than 100 predefined templates, global color palettes, numerous blog, header, and footer layouts, and excellent support. Best for Neve’s premium license speeds up e-commerce retail websites. It adds fast view, cart notices, off-canvas product filtering, wishlist, and more to Woo Commerce.

Page builder compatibility:

Neve is a WordPress theme compatible with all WordPress page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, etc. It integrates well with these page builders and gives you a performance-optimized foundation that will help your WordPress site load fast

4. Kadence:

The Kadence Theme is a fully functional, lightweight WordPress theme for stunning, quick-loading websites. The developer created a drag-and-drop header and footer builder so that anyone can quickly create any style of header and made the demos easily available. Numerous designs in the multipurpose template library can be adapted to hundreds of projects.

Key features and benefits:

Header Generator:

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can easily create the ideal header for your website.

Footer Creator:

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can easily create the ideal responsive footer.

Diverse layouts:

You can specify full width, no sidebar, and narrow width.

Page builder compatibility:

The popular page builder plugins Elementor and Beaver Builder play well with the Kadence WordPress theme. Users may easily design individualized and aesthetically pleasing websites with no compatibility concerns. Because of the dedicated features, hooks, and optimized code that it offers to effortlessly interact with various page builders.

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5. Acabado

Acabado is a premium (paid) theme designed to enhance any WordPress-powered website. Acabado means “finished” in Portuguese. The theme’s simplicity and minimalism are its most salient characteristics. Visitors may find the information they need and come to your site with little distraction. This theme seeks to accomplish that.

It was created to give, specifically:

  • Website speed 
  • Mobile First Ready,
  • Clean, basic design.

Features and benefits:

SEO-optimized and integrated:

You no longer need to need an explicit SEO plugin like Yoast or All-In-One SEO because the theme has built-in SEO capabilities.

organized and immaculate:

The Acabado Theme can typically be downloaded, installed, and set up in a matter of minutes.

Mobile First:

The vast majority of modern website traffic comes from mobile devices. If you were to check your Google Analytics, you would probably discover that 65% of your visitors do.

Website Personalization:

You can direct site visitors far more effectively than before by customizing your homepage.

Page builder compatibility:

Acabado is a WordPress theme that was built to work with Divi and Elementor page builders. Other page builders have not been tested and may not be compatible. If you want to create a custom home page, you can use the WordPress built-in page builder, or both Divi and Elementor page builders are compatible with Acabado.


Next is OceanWP, a freemium theme with great performance and customization possibilities. The proof is in the over 700,000 active installs. Its rapid load times are due to optimized coding. One-click importable demonstrations, interoperability with page builder plugins, and comprehensive design choices in the WordPress customizer are also available with OceanWP. 

Features and benefits:

  • Code optimization
  • Minimal HTTP requests
  • Stop unnecessary scripts
  • Meta boxes on pages and posts

Performance and speed test:

OceanWP’s speed scores are very amazing. It has an impressive 99% Google page speed, optimized WordPress code, and an average page loading time of less than one second. OceanWP has many enticing features in addition to its speed and performance improvements.

These include individual post controls with full Meta boxes, a scripts and styles panel for activating or disabling superfluous scripts, and custom hooks that enhance OceanWP’s outstanding capability. Best for OceanWP is user-friendly and fast, with endless customization choices. Due to its free or premium license, it’s accessible to all budgets.

Page builder compatibility:

OceanWP is a highly compatible theme with many popular page builders. It comes with a dedicated section in the Customizer for page builders, as well as hooks and filters that allow you to customize the way page builders interact with the theme. OceanWP is also compatible with WooCommerce, so you can use it to create an online store.

7. Blocksy:

Blocksy has over 100,000 active installations in the WordPress repository. It supports Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and Brizy and has a lightweight framework. Blocksy also offers WooCommerce integration, 28 demo sites, white-labeling, and local Google fonts.

 Features and benefits:

  • Google fonts
  • Splits code
  • GTMetrix page load score 100%

Performance and speed: 

Code splitting lets Blocksy load only the javascript needed when a person visits your website. Blocksy always gets 100% GTMetrix page speed load scores. Local Google Fonts and minimizing HTTP requests enhance site speed. Its simplicity makes Blocksy appealing.

 The simple, light theme provides you with complete creative flexibility to construct your site. Blocksy is great for developers that wish to create their kingdom. It’s fast and blank, perfect for SEO. If you need help, don’t worry! Elementor or Gutenberg can improve your building experience. 

Page builder compatibility:

A WordPress theme called Blocksy is made to function perfectly with several page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg. Users may easily construct and customize their website layouts using the page builder of their choice thanks to its specific features and options that improve compatibility and integration with these page builders.

The Hestia WordPress theme has a paid version called Hestia Pro that adds more features, more complex customization possibilities, and priority support. By giving consumers more control over the appearance, organization, and functionality of their website, it improves the features of the free version. Hestia Pro is appropriate for customers that need more customization and flexibility to build a polished and distinctive website.

8. Hestia Pro

The Hestia WordPress theme has a paid version called Hestia Pro that adds more features, more complex customization possibilities, and priority support. By giving consumers more control over the appearance, organization, and functionality of their website, it improves the features of the free version. Hestia Pro is appropriate for customers that need more customization and flexibility to build a polished and distinctive website. Hestia is responsive, so your website looks fantastic on PCs, tablets, and phones.

Features and benefits:

Material Design Integration: 

The theme uses Material Design to make your website look sleek and inviting.

One-Page Layout:

Hestia allows one-page websites or landing pages with smooth scrolling navigation.

Hestia’s WordPress Customizer makes changing colors, fonts, layouts, and other visual aspects easy.

Easy Customization:

Hestia interacts with major page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others, making unique layouts and designs easy.

Woo Commerce Compatibility: 

Hestia integrates seamlessly with Woo Commerce to create and manage your online store.

Page builder compatibility:

Popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others are all fully compatible with Hestia Pro. Users may easily construct and design their website layouts using their preferred page builder thanks to the specialized integration and additional customization options it offers.

9. Rishi Theme:

It comes with 50+ starter sites, so you don’t have to start from scratch. You’ll get templates for blogs, businesses, portfolios, e-commerce stores, and other specialized sites. Although the Rishi theme is still relatively new to the market, it is quickly becoming known as the quickest WordPress theme. It is referred to as a “Core Web Vitals optimized WordPress theme” by the makers. The truth is, Google ranks websites based on a set of unique criteria known as Core Web Vitals.

Features and benefits:

● It’s easy to design a website from scratch. You can design your site in minutes with Elementor page builder. No coding is needed—just drag and drop.

● Building and modifying your site is straightforward. With a live preview, you may alter any element by clicking on it. Without leaving the settings screen, you’ll view all your changes.

● You may easily create your desired design with its numerous customization possibilities. The theme is Woo Commerce-ready, so you can set up your online store in minutes.

● You can create a head and footer in no time.

Speed and performance:

Speaking of performance and quickness, the Rishi theme is an absolute beast. It is quite little; a standard WordPress installation only takes up about 75 KB. It uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery, which makes your site load quickly. 

It has a perfect 100% speed grade, according to the findings of the speed test that was completed. Additionally, that applies to desktop and mobile devices.

Page builder compatibility:

Rishi theme builder is compatible with the popular page builder, Elementor. Users may easily construct and design their website layouts using their preferred page builder thanks to the specialized integration and additional customization options it offers.

10. Seed Prod:

 Seed Prod is a WordPress Website Theme Builder that lets you make unique headers, footers, front pages, content pages, blog posts, blog pages, archives, search results, category pages, tag pages, sidebars, and WooCommerce product pages. Our no-code Theme Builder is used for WooCommerce Checkout Pages, Cart Pages, and Shop Pages.

Features and Importance:

  • To do this, you would typically need a conventional WordPress theme.
  • No theme is required with SeedProd. Your theme and page builder are no longer at odds. 
  • With SeedProd, you can quickly create a website using a full turnkey solution.

Page builder compatibility:

Any builder can be used with themes made with SeedProd. Naturally, SeedProd is the best page builder in our opinion, but you may also use Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Visual Composer, Brizy, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, and a plethora of other page builders.

To assist you in getting started, SeedProd also has a growing library of 200+ stunning pre-built WordPress themes, templates, blocks, sections, and entire websites. Did I mention there is no coding needed?

Final Thoughts:

A captivating WordPress theme is the key to unlocking your online success in the digital world, where first impressions count more than ever. It’s time to take your website to new heights, with eye-catching aesthetics and smooth functionality. Therefore, avoid settling for the mundane when the extraordinary is only a subject away. Utilize your creativity, embrace innovation, and let your online presence leave a lasting impression. Today, pick the ideal WordPress theme and see how much more beautiful your website will become.


What is the fastest WordPress theme?

Acabado is one of the fastest free WordPress themes that is ideal for blogs, portfolios, company websites, and e-commerce. You can alter the homepage’s design and make a few minor changes to the content using the Acabado theme.

Is Astra the fastest theme?

Yes for blogs and e-commerce, it is the fastest theme. Astra is a robust, feature-rich WordPress theme that makes it simple for newcomers and developers to create beautiful sites quickly. Additionally, it is among the fastest, lightest, and most adaptable themes available.

How do I know if my WordPress theme is fast?

Use online speed testing tools like Google Page Speed Insights or GTmetrix to examine your WordPress theme’s performance and loading speed to see if it is quick. These tools will offer insightful evaluations and results on a variety of speed parameters, indicating potential areas for improvement. To improve its speed, make sure your theme adheres to best practices, including
effective coding, the sparing use of external resources, and appropriate image optimization.

Which one is the Best lightweight WordPress theme free?

Generate Press is Lightweight, well-coded, and built for speed and performance that is free
WordPress theme.

Which one is the fastest theme for bloggers?

Bloggers’ fastest theme is Generate Press. Lightweight, well-coded, and built for speed and performance. Generate Press clean code and basic design to make your blog load swiftly and smoothly. To keep it one of the fastest blogging platforms, check for updates and performance

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