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GeneratePress Review: Still Worth It 2024?

GeneratePress Review: Still Worth It 2024?

Looking for making a blog, or e-commerce website with a light-fast speed theme?

Generatepress review is the solution for your problems.

These themes help more than 5,422,445+ website users including me. 

to make a successful website. Today we are going to discuss whether it is perfect for your upcoming or existing website.

What is the generatepress theme? 

Even today I’m creating a new website. One theme that comes to my mind first is Generatepress Theme is fully responsive and clean-coded that helps your website visitor UX (user experience).

This theme has no fancy animation or Java script that harms your core web vitals.

With the cleanest Premade template, even if you are a beginner that is ready to use one click, you don’t even need coding knowledge .

How fast is the generatepress theme? 

Do you know Google ranks websites based on their speed or page load time

This is why most people are concerned about fast themes on wordpress.

With Clean Theme coded only include HTML/CSS. That helps your website pages 3.70 s. you can check my other website speed below.

Generatepress Features that are made for Beginners to advance 

This theme includes all the necessary features that are needed to run a blog website without harming your website speed.

With one click import template from site library helps you build a website with no time. One click away to build a successful website . Also you can create website layouts from scratch using Generate block base Page builders.

Include features you will get on premium version:-

You can change lots of setting on theme customise like

  • Site identity
  • Layout
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Background images
  • General
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • Homepage  settings
  • Additional css

Let’s check some of the features you will get Generatepress premium 

1.Site Identity

After going to customize you will see site identity form this section you will change your site title/ site tagline / place a new logo / site icon maintain the logo width.

2. Layout

In this section you will get a lot of options. There are different types of features including each of just need to follow the steps to make the changes.

  • Container

In these features you will get the option to manage Like-Container Width/Separating Space/Content Separator/Content Layout/Container Alignment/Content Padding.

  • Header

In these features you can manage your website header Header Presets/Header Width/Inner Header Width/Header Alignment/Header Padding/Mobile Header.

  • Primary navigation

In these primary sections you can manage your header navigation including submenu width/height .Manage where you want to place your navigation before logo above or below. 

Same on secondary navigation options.

  • Sidebars 

In these section you will manage your sidebar where you want to place theme Blog Sidebar Layout/ Single Post Sidebar Layout/ manage your sidebar Widget Padding .

  • Blog

From this section you can manage your category pages and single blog layouts features like

Show author name / date / post category / show features image .

  • Footer

You can manage footer width , how many section you want to divided your footer section. 

Alignment of footer section padding include footer.


Form this color palate setting you can changes your website overall color on body / content /headline / navigation menu.

Or you can click plus icon left above to add another color palate.


Font style is one of the crucial parts of any website on this theme, most of the fonts you can find on font management . it also supports dynamic options like you can use different fonts on each of the sections like navigation/archive title/post headline etc.

Maintain their font weight / style / transformation / decoration . 


Very few people like this feature, including me. You can add different types of images all over your web pages including header/footer/sidebar.


This section dont have much to do. The default setting is enough .


You can add a menu or manage where you want to place it and make it a sub menu using drag and drop.


In this setting you can add a widget to your website right sidebar / footer / top bar.

Its very handy features to add sidebar author box / related post / show other menus.

9.Home page

In this section you will get options to to assign your custom made home page or your latest post on the home page. 

10.Additional css

You will get an option to make it more on your web pages design using this css section add extra css code to make it more beautiful.

Most people don’t use these features.

Generatepress theme template explore.

There are more than 95+ pre-made templates ready to use. one click to install to make your website ready in a few minutes.

How to add GP Premium Theme on wordpress? 

After purchasing Generatepress premium you will get a file on your dashboard you have to download it.

Keep in mind you have to upload this file to add new plugins on wordpress then you have to activate it.

Hover over appearance Then you have to click generatepress after that you have to paste your licence key to activate the premium features and also get the future update.

Key features –

  1. You can create custom header at your own 
  2. Post template 
  3. Author box
  4. Post archive 
  5. Dynamic post elements
  6. Add analytics code etc

One of the core features hook elements lets see how this help you 

Appearance > Elements > Add New Element 

You can see four options: Block / hook / layout / header, you can click one of them to add extra features to your website. Let’s see some details of what type of benefits you will get from this four elements hook.


Block elements help you to create hooks, site header,footers,sidebars,pages hero section you can learn more about blocks here.


You can add hooks anywhere on your website like you want to add google analytics code. You can use these hook elements . you don’t have to use extra plugins for that. You can paste your code select where you want to apply this code with Display rule.

There are also detailed guides on generatepress hook guides.


On layouts you will see there are lot of options to manage your post page / category page sidebar manage.

Footer widget,disable elements , content display rule like hook options that we talk about.

4. Header

You can manage various settings on your headers from here that can’t be possible to customize the section that we talk about above.

Like manage page hero horizontal alignment / padding / background images / text and link color etc. you can learn more about headers gudies.

What i liked about:-

  1. Pre made template beginners
  2. Easy to changes font style, color 
  3. You can manage all the coding from css to elements .
  4. This theme made for bloggers

What i don’t like:-

  1. Learning curve still have this theme
  2. Not much design flexibility
  3. Some time if you make changes its not appear quickly 
  4. Don’t recommended used woocommerce website

If you ask me for an alternative to this theme I directly suggest you to take a look at the kadence theme .There are many design options on this one like me if you are a design freak.

Generatepress price and plan:-

There is two type of plan there official website generatepress. They separate price and plan based on update and support.

Like if you choose a $59 plan you will get 1 year’s update and support.

If you go with a lifetime plan $249 you will get lifetime updates and support.

If you’re running an agency I recommend you choose a lifetime one.

What are the benefits of Generateblocks ?

Generate Block it’s like an add-on for main theme file support and makes any web pages designed from scratch without using any code.

Because there are a lot of pre-made elements you have to drag and drop according to what you need to make perfect pages.

But this generate block also comes with a premium version you have to buy separately to use more features, it also has a free version like generatepress theme.

Lets see some features you will get premium version:-

You will get pre made elements to make your web pages design .

After clicking add new page click on above left corner + button you will see under blocks tab 6 elements.

You can drag and drop any elements to your pages to see layouts.

How to use these elements.


After selecting the grid you will see on your pages different types of column section choose according to your needs. Here I’m selecting two columns .

Click any single column you will see plus a button to add elements within the column.

Like this below.

2.Query loop

Same like the grid option you can also add a query loop , it helps you design blog template design to your pages, how you want to show your visitor blog layouts.

Im select 4th option Two columns & featured image. Now you can see blog posts if you have some already on your site, otherwise it will show empty.

After placing elements you will see right sidebar option to manage your website blog post category , click on parameter you have to select QUERY PARAMETER click on field you will see taxonomise click on that you will see new fields comes up click on category under select terms choose your website existing category . according to that querey loop will show post.

Like above two elements you will have to add the remaining Container/Button/Headline/Image.

Most handy feature is reusable blocks. As its name you can create one design, make it reusable, name it your blocks, and you can use it all over your website.

When you add new elements you don’t have to click all the time plus the icon above left side instead of that click “/”(forward slash) then you will see all the elements come. 

Generatepress is free ?

Yes, on you can download the main theme file but some of the features you can’t get on the free version. 

  • Post layout design
  • Archive design
  • Elements options
  • Sidebar design

What happens if my theme licence expires ?

You can’t update your theme after 1 year’s licence expires. Your website still remains the same .

Final thought:-

If you ask me to recommend this generatepress theme premium version i would say yes definitely try at ones.

If you want a simple design with easy to manage I think it’s better than any other theme in terms of speed.

Or if you want more flexibility in terms of design i suggest choosing a kadence theme is much better.