How Elementor Copy Section To Another Page?

Building a visually appealing and functional website can be a complex task. However, with the right tools and knowledge, you can simplify the process significantly. Elementor, a user-friendly page builder, has become the go-to choice for many web designers. One of its standout features is the ability to copy sections from one page to another effortlessly.

The Power of Elementor

Elementor is a game-changer in the world of WordPress. It empowers you to create stunning websites without any coding skills. The drag-and-drop interface, coupled with a wide range of widgets, makes it a must-have plugin for web developers and designers alike.

How to Copy a Section in Elementor

Copying a section in Elementor is a straightforward process:

  1. Open the page you want to copy a section from in Elementor.
  2. Identify the section you want to duplicate.
  3. Right-click on the section handle (the six dots at the top of the section).
  4. Select “Copy.”
  5. Open the destination page in Elementor.
  6. Right-click on the area where you want to paste the section.
  7. Select “Paste.”

That’s it! You’ve successfully copied a section from one page to another.

The Benefits of Section Copying


Copying sections in Elementor saves you a significant amount of time. You don’t have to recreate complex layouts or widgets manually.


Maintaining a consistent design across your website is crucial for a professional look. Elementor’s section copying ensures uniformity.

3.Easy Testing

You can use section copying to create duplicate pages for A/B testing, helping you optimize your site’s performance.

Leveraging LSI Keywords for Better SEO

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Tips and Tricks for Seamless Copying

  • Always double-check the copied sections to ensure they display correctly.
  • Make use of Elementor’s “Navigator” feature to manage complex layouts efficiently.
  • Regularly update your content to keep it fresh and engaging.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

1.Styling Problems

If the copied section’s styling seems off, ensure that your theme and Elementor are both up to date.

3.Missing Widgets

Sometimes, widgets may not copy correctly. Check if you have any third-party plugins causing conflicts.

4.Slow Loading

If your pages are slow to load, consider optimizing your images and reducing the use of heavy widgets.


Q: Can I copy sections between different websites?

A: Unfortunately, Elementor’s section copying feature only works within the same WordPress installation.

Q: What happens if I delete a section on the source page after copying it?

A: Deleting the original section will also remove the copied section from other pages.

Q: Can I copy sections from third-party plugins?

A: Yes, Elementor allows you to copy sections created with third-party plugins, but compatibility may vary.

Q: Is Elementor free?

A: Elementor offers both a free and a premium version, with the premium version unlocking more features.

Q: How can I undo a section copy?

A: Simply use the “Undo” function (Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z) immediately after pasting the section.

Q: Can I copy sections between different Elementor versions?

A: It’s recommended to use the same version of Elementor on both the source and destination pages for seamless copying.


In this guide, we’ve explored the incredible capabilities of Elementor in copying sections from one page to another. This feature not only saves time but also ensures design consistency and helps with testing and optimization. Remember to leverage LSI keywords for SEO, troubleshoot common issues, and use Elementor’s full potential for web design success.

Don’t wait; start using Elementor’s section copying feature today to enhance your website-building experience.

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