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Kadence vs Generatepress : Compare

Kadence vs Generatepress Compare

If you’ve ever felt stuck trying to choose between the Kadence and GeneratePress themes for your WordPress site, you’re not alone. 

It’s a tough decision, as each theme brings its own flair and functionality to the table. In this piece, we’re going to take a close look at both, comparing their features, how they perform, and what they offer in terms of customization. 

But don’t just take our word for it; we’ve also gathered insights from real users and some solid performance data to help you figure out which theme will be the perfect fit for your website’s needs.

GeneratePress vs Kadence Comparison Overview

Let’s compare their features to understand better way of usage:-

Free VersionAvailable ⭐⭐⭐⭐Available ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Price$59/year (Lifetime – $249)$129/year (Lifetime – $649)
Page Builder CompatibilityYesYes
Design FlexibilityNoYes
IntegrationOnly WooCommerceLearnDash, Events Calendar, WooCommerce
Add-onsGenerateBlocks (Limited features, premium for more)KadenceBlocks (More features in free version, premium available)
Starter TemplatesYesYes

GeneratePress vs Kadence Features difference?

Feature CategoriesGeneratePressKadence
Add-ons and ExtensionsLimited add-ons; GenerateBlocks with basic features, premium required for more.Rich in add-ons like Kadence Conversions, Popup Builder; Kadence Blocks offers more advanced features and exclusive blocks.
Design CustomizationBasic design flexibility; requires CSS for advanced customization.High design freedom with advanced customization options; exclusive features like Lottie animations for attractive designs.
Cross-site Design SharingNot specified.Kadence Cloud allows sharing designs across multiple sites, saving time and effort.
Usage LimitLimited to 500 websites.Unlimited website usage for all Kadence products.
Pricing for Additional SitesHigher plans needed for more sites; $39/year for 1 site, up to $99/year for 250 sites.More cost-effective in terms of site usage in higher plans.
Free Version CapabilitiesBasic features with some limitations.More features and options, including copyright removal, site library, and global typography options.
Unique FeaturesMore professional site library templates; emphasis on lightweight code.Color switch feature for mode preference, conditional headers for targeted conversions, drag-and-drop header/footer builder.
IntegrationPrimarily with WooCommerce.Wide range of integrations including WooCommerce, LearnDash, Tutor LMS, etc.
Full Site EditingSupports full site editing with a focus on developer freedom.Offers more versatility and customization options in full site editing.
Support and DocumentationFaster support response, more detailed documentation.You have to get Premium Support Tickets

If you’re looking for a multiple purpose usage theme then i highly suggest going with kadence over generatepress why ? 

Let’s see some key differences.

  1. Responsive Design

In Terms of responsive design both themes have the same features inbuilds.

  1. SEO Optimization

Both themes have Good page load speed that helps your pages to rank better.

  1. Speed and Performance

With 1.81s speed time of loading page kadence helps you over your competitor when it comes to ranking.

Most people think generatepress much faster than  Kadence but I tried and tested many times and it showed me 3.95s .

Many of my own websites including Ping dom , Gtmetrix test both theme winners are Kadence.

Even this theme has included more features without usage of any additional CSS/JAVA/PHP.

Check my tested report below –

Kadence speed test
  1. Extensive Customization Options

Some of the key features difference between both themes have Custom header builder you can use free version of kadence to get these features.

On the other hand you have to buy a generatepress premium to get these features.


  1. Global Color Palettes

When it comes to global palettes kadence has the upper hand also because of dynamic locations color changes.

But in generatrpress you have only options to change headline,body text,nav menu etc.


  1. Typography Control

Most of the command type of font you can find both kadence and genratepress like Inter,poppoins,Sans srif etc.

But I also have some of the fonts that are not available on genratepress like LATO.

Very few people are very concerned about their website font if you want more flexibility than choose kadence.

  1. Header and Footer Scripts

Both themes have different types of addon you will get  free or paid version kadence blocks or generatepress generate blocks.   

This addon helps you to build and design new pages from scratch without any coding knowledge.

The benefits of both addons. In terms of easy to use, kadence also does better than generatepress.

Easy to navigate to change stuff within a few clicks.Learn more about kadence block.

  1. WooCommerce Compatibility

In terms of ecommerce website kadence themes have more design flexibility with woocommerce integration .

Design product, collection,cart pages easily .

But in generatepress there are not many beautiful templates.

If you like to sell your course or season with padi subscription you might have heard about LMS features. Sell your video course.

You can also integrate  Learndash with kadence.

  1. Accessibility Ready
  2. Regular Updates and Support
  3. Advanced Blog Layouts

Both themes have dynamic types of features and make different types of layout according to blog post category or tags .

With help of dynamic options of both themes you can get the option to design the way you want. I personally prefer kadence on this type of feature.

You can use these features using both theme addons that I talk about above.

  1. Sticky Header Options

Most people these days like this sticky feature like when you visit any website scroll down with your scrolling header.

That is a very handy feature when you like to offer your website visitor to explore more pages on your site.

  1. Mega Menu Capability

If you’re looking for a theme that offers mega menus and it’s easy to set up, it does not affect website load speed.

Then my friend kadence is the option to go with.

When you try to create a mega menu on genetrapress you should know the coding to enable this feature.

  1. Child Theme Support

Both themes support child themes.

And it’s very easy to create with the help of kadence gudies.

Same way you can also enable the child theme features.

You will get the theme file form above like you need to uplaod on

Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload.

  1. RTL and Translation Ready
  2. Custom Widgets and Sidebar Layouts
  3. Demo Importer

Which one is easy to Customize ?

My choice is kadence over generatepress, even if you’re using a free version of kadence that is enough for any type of website as beginner friendly .

With the help of a kadence block you can design any section of your website with pre-made elements drag and drop.

If you dont want to design from scratch you can use the starter template one click import features.

GeneratePress vs Kadence: Best for ?

Best forKadenceGeneratepress
Blog,Ecommerce multipurpose website⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Design flexibility⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Easy to used ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
In term of price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Alternative theme suggest Astra 

If you’re considering an alternative to Kadence and GeneratePress, Astra is a strong candidate. Astra is highly regarded for its robust features, ease of use, and flexibility, making it a solid choice for various website types, from personal blogs to e-commerce platforms. Here’s a breakdown of what Astra offers:

  1. Regular Updates and Support: Astra is consistently developed with a clear roadmap for future updates, ensuring it stays relevant and secure. The theme also offers excellent customer support, even for free version users, with a dedicated ticketing system and various types of responses tailored to your technical expertise​​.
  2. Ease of Use: While Astra is user-friendly, it’s worth noting that there’s a learning curve, especially for beginners. However, its page-building features and integrations with popular plugins like WooCommerce and Elementor make it a versatile choice​​.
  3. Starter Sites and Deep Customization: Astra stands out with a large library of pre-built templates compatible with various page builders. This feature allows for quick and professional website development. In terms of customization, Astra goes beyond basic options, offering deep customization including header, footer, and sidebar customization, as well as transparent headers and custom color options​​.
  4. Performance: Astra is known for its performance, using Vanilla JavaScript to avoid render-blocking issues, contributing to faster website loading speeds. It also offers a plethora of ready-made templates that are mobile responsive and easy to customize​​.
  5. Astra Free vs Pro: Astra’s free version offers a considerable amount of features, but the Pro version expands on these, providing additional site, blog, and footer layouts, over 800 Google fonts, and more advanced customization options. The Pro version starts at $47 per year, with a lifetime license option available​​​​.
  6. Plugins and Integrations: Astra supports various plugins and integrates seamlessly with tools like WooCommerce, Elementor, and LearnDash. It also offers a suite of plug-ins to enhance theme support, including Astra Widgets, Bulk Edit, Customizer Reset, and more​​.
  7. Template Library: With over 240 ready-to-use templates, Astra provides a comprehensive library for different needs and styles, compatible with different page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder​​.


Is Kadence faster than GeneratePress?

Both Kadence and GeneratePress are known for their speed and performance. According to various tests, Kadence has demonstrated slightly faster load times in some scenarios.

However, the difference is quite close and might not be significant in practical use. Both themes have excellent scores in speed tests like Google PageSpeed Insights, indicating that they are optimized for performance​​​​.

Is GeneratePress the fastest theme?

GeneratePress is renowned for being an extremely lightweight and fast WordPress theme.

It’s designed with a focus on speed and efficiency, often making it one of the fastest themes available. However, whether it’s the absolute fastest depends on several factors, including the specific configuration of your website, hosting environment, and the plugins you use.

In general, GeneratePress is highly regarded for its speed among WordPress themes​​.

Is Kadence a good theme for WordPress?

Yes, Kadence is a highly regarded theme for WordPress. It’s known for its ease of use, extensive customization options, and fast loading times.

The theme offers a wide range of features even in its free version, including header and footer builders, and compatibility with popular page builders.

Kadence’s premium version further expands these features. It’s a great choice for users looking for a theme that combines ease of use with robust customization options​​​​.


Choose Kadence for its slightly better speed, extensive customization, and user-friendliness. Opt for GeneratePress if you prefer a simpler, efficient theme with some coding flexibility. Both are excellent WordPress themes tailored to different user preferences​​​​​​.