WordPress dashboard tutorial for beginners 2023

You can create a blog or personal website. before you start.

Using wordpress keeps you have to learning the wordpress dashboard completely to get an idea of how to get benefits using each option.

Today we bring a wordpress tutorial for beginners with everything you need to know. Let’s get started.

Step-by-step guide on how to use wordpress dashboard

After you log in to your wordpress dashboard, you see there are so many options first we start with…

1. Dashboard

In the wordpress dashboard option, you can manage or see your website activity like

  • How many posts and pages do you have
  • Site health check
wordpress dashboard

1.2. Update

Under the home button, you can see update options to maintain your website’s active plugin & theme’s latest version update you can do it from here.

wordpress update

Also check your website’s wordpress version best, before updating anything keep your website backup some time update field can break your website.

2. Post

One of the most used options when it comes to publishing your new post or managing updating an old one you can do it all in one place.

Under the post, you can see there are 4 options

2.2. All post

After clicking on the post option you can see all of your published posts or draft & trash post you can direct edit or delete posts from all post options.

all post

2.3. Add new

Under All posts, you can see Add new when you like to publish an article you have to use this option to go to your wordpress post editor.

You can see a big field called Add titel under which you can paste all your written content.

Right side post editor you can see lots of options where you can set up your post category, tags, and featured image, and also you can choose the author of the post and date to publish option there you can manage your post schedule or immediately publish your post.

add new post dashboard

After clicking the post editor right corner 3 dots you can manage your post editor width looks and more options play around like keyword shortcuts.

editor option wordpress

2.4. Category

Now this category option helps you to create your category. You can also manage your post category and how many posts you have in the category all from here.

After placing your category name you can put also the description of the category so your website visitors know better of your category.

wordpress category

2.5 Tags

You can manage all of your website tags from here also you can add new post tags so your website visitor can find, tag, and generate posts.

Also, you can add new tags from your post editor directly.

use tags wordpress

3. Media

From the media option you can add bulk images or delete the existing ones all in one place with just one click you can also find the media option right corner you can also search the field you can use it to search your images.

File size should be kept within 512 MB.

media wordpress

4. Pages

You can create new Pages or manage all of your website pages like contact us, about, etc from here also see you publish pages from here.

add pages wordpress


You can find all of your website visitor comments and approved or Trash theme or replay their comments from here.

this option is very handy to manage your website site spam comment.


6. Appearance

The appearance option is mostly used for designing or customizing your website color and style Purpose.

6.1 Theme

You can see under the appearance option theme option there you can manage your active theme or delete them according to your choice I suggest you activate one theme that you like and delete the rest so your website speed can remain at a good speed.

theme choose

6.2 Customization

Every theme has its customized style you can manage it by clicking on the customization options.

  • Website color
  • Font style
  • Custom CSS
  • Blog template style
  • Menus setup etc

6.3 Widgets

Widgets are very handy features if you want to show your website visitor some extra posts or ads.

You can add yourself by clicking on the widget option then you can see new pages where you can manage all the widgets or sidebar of your website and also the footer menu.

Make sure after every change you have clicked on save.

widgets setup

6.7 Menu

Every website has a menu. There are two types of available

1. main menu that appears on your website header.

2. Footer menu that appears on your website footer.

You can easily add your menu or create a new one from here.

I suggest you first create pages or post category then comes to this menu option you can see life side post, and pages just click on it after that you can see your pages name or category name just before clicking on the check box below you can see add new click on it that’s it.

your selected menus will show on the right side dashboard after confirming click right below the save menu.

To select your website header or footer you have to go with customization like we already included in this article.

menu create

6.8 Theme file editor

From here most professionals used their PHP code to manage or add extra features to their website I don’t recommend you as a beginner you don’t have to worry about this option.

Instead, you can use The wpcode plugin to put on your website code. Because if you don’t know how to use a Theme editor one mistek can mess up the website’s look or features.

7. Plugins

You can manage your website-installed plugin in one place active & deactivate and configure the theme form here.

Plugin people used to add additional features to their websites. Most of them are free you can add a new one used self by going to plugins>Add new.

Plugin file editor I don’t suggest that to use as a beginner.

plugins add

8. User

User people used mainly manage or permission to give their other website users like the author, subscriber, editor, and contributor.

If you want to make a new user just have to click Add new under>User fill in the requirement field make sure to select >Send User Notification.

user wordpress

9. Tool

The tool is very useful if you have required to export and import data to your website with an easy one-click download.

9.1 Import

When you click on import options under the tool you can see lots of import options in category form here you can run import if you have an existing file.


9.2 Export

If you want to export your website’s existing file you can do it from here without using any extra plugins.

After clicking export options you can see lots of export options like

  • All content
  • Post
  • Pages
  • Elements
  • Media

After choosing click on the below option “Download export file”.

10. Settings

Under the settings on your wordpress dashboard you can see lost op options, and if you know how to use you can take advantage.

I will guide you all about wordpress settings, let’s see.

10.1 General

After clicking general options you can see a new page pop up where you can place your website title and site tagline.

general dashboard

Also, you can see your Administration Email Address, membership, new user default role, and your website language you can select your time zone according to your choice.

10.2 Writing

WordPress default these options available with all setup you don’t have to do anything to writing.

default category

One thing if you want to change the Default post category you can easily click one option to choose your category, it helps when you forget to mention your post category this choosing category will automatically choose.

10.3 Reading

Here you can select the website homepage to want you want to show your visitor according to your choice.

Also, you can select how many posts you want to show your homepages, and do you want to show an excerpt, this means without people clicking a single post they can see all the content on the same page. I don’t suggest that to use.

reading settings wordpress

You can see before saving changes options Search engine visibility if you want don’t visible to your website on google then enable this checkbox.

These options are very handy when you are just setup your new website because you don’t want any unnecessary pages or demos to index on google.

10.4 Discussion

It means you can manage your website commend or any discussion if you want to run your website. you can do it from here.


  • you can get an email whenever someone comments.
  • You can manually approve Comments.

Because sometimes people unnecessarily spam their comment section you don’t want o show those comments on your post.

10.5 Media

From these media options, you can select the thumbnail size of your post I don’t recommend changing anything.

Because wordpress in default select options are good.

10.5 Permalink

This permalink is used from a custom URL like this https://teckwp.com/sample-post/. nobody wants another type of URL structure this is seo friendly URL more than 99.9% of people used that.

Im also using this you can see the below image.


10.6 Privacy

From these options, you can create your privacy policy for your website. if you want a professional way to maintain your website privacy policy is a must-have page.

Final thought:-

Now you know everything about wordpress dashboards and how to use them. I highly suggest you explore more things according to your choice.

Because wordpress has more popularity than other CMS it’s good to have that knowledge to make your online journey more joyful, hope you find some valuable information in this post.

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