5 wordpress plugin for instagram feed 2023

WordPress plugins offer a wide range of capabilities, allowing you to customize, enhance, and optimize your website according to your specific needs. They can add new features, integrate with external services, improve performance, enhance security, and much more.

Are you looking for the top WordPress plug-in for your Instagram feed? These plugins can be useful if you want to increase your audience on Instagram or use it to drive traffic to your website. They can also improve the aesthetics of your website by arranging your Instagram photos into stunning displays while speeding up page loads because the images are hosted elsewhere. These plugins essentially enable you to extend your social networking activity to your website.

5 Best WordPress Plugs In for Instagram Feeds:

We’ve chosen the top WordPress plugins for Instagram feeds that will help you grow your audience and improve interaction.

1.10Web Social Photo Feed:

You can easily add feeds from Instagram to any of your posts or sites with the 10Web Social Photo Feed. You get the option of regular-sized or thumbnail images with the free version. There are additional possibilities in the premium version. Your Instagram posts can be shown in the sidebar of your WordPress site with 10Web Social Photo Feed. This is made simple and uncomplicated thanks to a built-in widget.

Key Features:

  • Create more categories to provide people with an opportunity to sort photographs.
  • Two distinct themes are available for your Instagram feed.
  • Limit the photos that are displayed on your website.
  • For pictures, add a lightbox and transitional effects.
  • Display recent comments below your Instagram photos.


  • If you’re searching for something basic and cost-free, you may utilize the free version of this plugin and still have access to a ton of fantastic features.
  • The Personal Pro versions will run you just $50 to 100 for a personal license if you want more flexibility in terms of modification, function, and purpose over your feeds.

2.Raffle Press:

This WordPress plug-in can be linked with Instagram so that you can gain more followers. It’s really simple to set up a contest with Raffle Press that invites your visitors to perform certain actions on Instagram. That could entail looking at one of your Instagram posts or visiting your Instagram profile. You can create contests even if you don’t have any technological expertise or design experience thanks to the drag-and-drop builder.

Key Features:

  • You can utilize pre-made Instagram contest templates to avoid having to construct the prizes from the start.
  • Entry tracker allows you to keep track of everyone who enters immediately from your WordPress dashboard. Raffle Press WordPress Block makes it simple to place the contest gadget in your Blog post or site.
    Raffle Press is very easy to use.
  • To get started, you can test the Raffle Press plugin’s free edition.


  • Raffle Press has a yearly subscription price of $39.50.

3.Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed:

One of the best WordPress plugins, Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed, lets you incorporate posts from multiple Instagram accounts into a single feed. This feature is ideal for news or specialized websites where you want to present visitors with the most recent events. Additionally, Smash Balloon provides you with complete authority over the appearance of your feed.

You can manually set the width, height, and quantity of photographs in your feed while also selecting from a variety of preset image sizes. Another special feature of this plugin is its capacity to let you add a backdrop picture.

Key Features:

  • Include numerous categories to let people sort photographs.
  • Two distinct themes are available for your account’s Instagram feed.
  • Limit the photos that are displayed on your website.
  • For your photos, add a lightbox and transition effects.
  • Display recent comments below your Instagram photos.


  • Free with a premium version accessible for a one-time price of $85

4.Uncanny Automator :

The most popular WordPress automation plugin is Uncanny Automator. It enables you to develop automated workflows without writing any code by integrating your WordPress website with hundreds of other applications.

Key Features:

Their Instagram integration enables you to generate recipes automatically, such as:

  • When a blog article is published, share a fresh photo on Instagram.
  • Encourage customers to automatically upload an encouraging photo to Instagram after ending an online course.
  • Allow customers to receive greater savings by sharing their purchases from your online business on Instagram.
  • Publish a picture when an application is filled out automatically, among other things.
  • Effective with external third-party applications like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, Google Spreadsheets, and Email
    Has more than 400 automated triggers and actions.
  • Has integrations with more than 100 widely used WordPress plugins, social networking tools, and websites like Instagram and Facebook.


  • Uncanny Automator Pro costs $149 per year.
  • The nicest aspect is that there is a trial version of Uncanny Automator that works well enough for most little websites.

5.Instagram Theatre:

One of the best WordPress Instagram plugins includes Instagram Theatre because it’s a simple tool that enables you to show your photos on your website and provides a few additional useful choices for integrating Instagram into your website.

Key Features:

  • Includes a variety of layout choices.
  • This tool is responsive, ensuring that your website’s photographs look fantastic on all devices.
  • Includes a Tag Instagram Feed mode that allows you to enter a hashtag to search for before posting a stream of that hashtag.
  • The location feature enables you to see the image’s capture location.
  • Will enable you to import photographs from various users.
  • Possesses a variable effect speed.


  • $16 one-time fee for pricing.

Which WordPress plugin for Instagram feed is the best?

Instagram Feed Pro is without a doubt the most incredible Instagram plugin for your WordPress blog.

With no coding knowledge necessary, Instagram Feed Pro, the best Instagram feed plugin for WordPress, enables you to create, personalize, and integrate interesting Instagram feeds on your website.

With a few clicks, you can rapidly change how your feeds seem by applying its visual feed customizer. You can thus display a wide variety of Instagram feed formats, such as hashtag feeds, tagged feeds, and Instagram reels, that precisely reflect the tone of your company.

The plugin has a built-in follow button that visitors to your website can use to quickly follow the account you have on Instagram directly.

Instagram Feed Pro is certain to always be suitable with both Instagram and WordPress because it is frequently updated. As a result, your site will keep showing your Instagram posts without any problems.

Wrapping up

Take into account aspects like customizability, responsiveness, interaction with Instagram’s service, display options, performance, support and updates, and user reviews when selecting a WordPress plugin for integrating an Instagram feed into your website. We must carefully select the right WordPress plug-in for Instagram feed. By choosing a plugin that satisfies these requirements, you may increase user engagement, maintain a visually appealing and coherent web presence, and display your Instagram content on your website effortlessly.

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