5 Best WordPress Plugin to backup site 2023

Your website is a digital masterpiece, and safeguarding it is paramount. With our cutting-edge plugin, you can bid farewell to worries of data loss or disasters. create backups, preserve vital files and databases, and experience unrivaled peace of mind.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to WordPress, our plugin’s intuitive interface and robust features make backup a breeze. Don’t leave your masterpiece vulnerable. let our plugin be your shield and watch your website thrive with unwavering security.

How does backup help you to save your website?

You never know when you may come across a problem that renders your website inoperable or a change that affects its functioning. Everyone with a WordPress website must prepare their backup in advance in case something occurs!

Backups enable you to revert to a previous state if you need to make some adjustments to your WordPress website. You avoid losing all your effort while minimizing downtime and service impact.

A saved backup further protects your data if you end up the target of a cyberattack. Even though they are uncommon, you should defend your website if you put your whole heart and soul into it.

5 best WordPress Plugins to backup site

Are you trying to find the best backup plugin for WordPress for your website?

The best thing you can do for the safety of your website is to regularly create a backup of WordPress. In situations of emergency, such as when your website is hacked or you unintentionally lock yourself out, backups provide you peace of mind and potentially rescue you.

WordPress backup plugins come in both free and premium varieties, and most of them are pretty simple to use.

The best WordPress backup plugins for small companies are highlighted in this article:

List of 5 WordPress Plugins to Backup Websites

Plugin NameKey FeaturesPrice
WP Migration
Cryptographic passwords, Safeguarded backups, High-quality site backups, built-in compatibility for imports and exportsFree with premium options
UpdraftContinual backups, Customer service. Numerous cloud storage facilitiesFree with premium options
BackupbuddyBackup buddy$99/year
Jetbackupsongoing backups, Automated recovery, Progress monitoring Protection from brutal force, image improvement$60 for 1st year
WPvividOn-demand automated backups, Utilizing cloud services, One-click auto-restoration, Integrated stagingbackup profiles and backup schedules in real-time, interactive server tools directory

1. All–in–one WP Migration:

All-In-One WP Migration is a top WordPress migration plugin. This plugin configures backups for migration to other sites on multiple hosting providers, making it a superb backup solution. The plugin has been extensively tested with other WordPress plugins and themes. Free backup features are restricted. It offers expensive add-ons to back up your site using Google Drive, AWS, and others. This lets you export/import your site to and from your preferred platform on any of your websites and schedule backups.

Key Features: 

Encrypted password-protected backups that are compatible with WordPress and many hosting companies

  • Supports all host environments and operating systems.
  • Free to use for high-quality site backups, imports, and exports. Stronger backup options are provided by premium features.
  • Can prevent WP upload restrictions to restore huge backups
  • Built-in compatibility with 14+ storage platforms

Password-protected backups are one of the plugin’s newest features. The functionality guarantees that your backups are encrypted and well-protected against outsiders and is included with the plugin’s free edition.

Pros :

Simple and easy interface:

The plugin’s simple interface simplifies migration for all technical levels.

Comprehensive Migration: 

It migrates files, databases, themes, plugins, and media to a new domain or hosting provider seamlessly.

Wide Compatibility: 

The plugin supports small and big WordPress sites on various hosting settings and configurations.

The All-in-One WP Migration plugin is popular for easy WordPress site migration due to these benefits.

Cons :

Size Limitations: 

The free plugin has a file size restriction of 512 MB, which might limit bigger websites with huge media or database files.

Dependency on Extensions:

Cloud storage integration, multisite migration, and limitless extensions may need premium extensions, which increase prices.

Compatibility complications

Rarely, server settings or plugins might cause migration complications. Test compatibility thoroughly.

Despite these drawbacks, many WordPress users choose the All-in-One WP Migration plugin for its ease of use and website migration efficiency.


The free version is also available. For advanced features, Premium Add-ons start at $69.

2. Updraft:

For your website, are you seeking the finest WordPress backup plugin?

One of the most well-liked and effective backup plugins is Updraft Plus. Even the free version performs admirably. Numerous options are available, including comprehensive backup, cloud storage, and automated scheduled backup.

Key Features: 

Numerous more features like: 

Incremental backups 

  • Customer support
  • Various cloud storage locations
  • Website transfer and many more are unlocked by upgrading to the premium edition.

Pros :

· You may use it to create a full backup of your website.

· You may save that backup on your PC or the cloud.

· The plug-in supports rapid and planned backups.

· Select the files that will be backed up.

· Restore backups quickly from the admin panel


· It doesn’t offer immediate backup.

· For numerous domain licenses, the cost increases.


The UpdraftPlus Plugin is initially free. The initial year’s premium costs $70, while the following years’ premiums are $42.

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3. BackupBuddy:

You may schedule backups of your website with Backup Buddy as necessary. The backup data can also be directed to any offline storage location. Additionally, the plugin streamlines and secures the process of transferring your WordPress website to a different server or domain. It is a robust plugin with many features that can make full backups of your WordPress website, including all files and assets.

Most significantly, BackupBuddy offers a straightforward method to swiftly restore a website if necessary. All were managed using a straightforward dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Backups of Changes, As They Happen
  • Backup Profiles Combined with Backup Schedules
  • Export Various Parts of Your WordPress Site in A Downloadable Zip File
  • View An Interactive Directory Size Map of Your Site
  • WordPress Server Tools
  • Utilize Local Backup Storage Limits
  • View A List of Recently Made Backups
  • Customize or White-Label BackupBuddy Email Notifications

Pros :

· Complete website backups with files and media

· Backups that are scheduled for passive security

· Simple backup restoration

· Supports backups stored remotely

· Features of email notifications

Cons : 

· No free version

· High premium price.


Costs for BackupBuddy range from $99 annually for a single site to $299 annually for 10 sites.

4. Jetpack Backups:

One of the few plugins with a well-organized dashboard that includes site data, backup data, and security details is Jetpack Backup. At first look, Jetpack appears to be an excellent choice for WordPress maintenance. Because some of their plan choices cover security, image optimization, and other upkeep responsibilities.

Jetpack Backup provides in-the-moment content backups. On a desktop or smartphone, you may restore from any backup point. 

Website monitoring is simple with Jetpack Backup. Every update is immediately logged so you can identify exactly what — or who — damaged your website and stop it from occurring again.

Key Features:

· Websites using WooCommerce may make regular backups.

· Automated restoration with one click

· Continual backups

· Monitoring of progress

· Protection from brute force

· Image enhancement

Pros :

· Dependable and efficient backups

· Offsite housing 

· Most features are only achieved while paid plan.


· Only partial backups

· Backups are not included in free plans.

· The website’s design is changed by optimized parts. Most plans include 30 days of backups.

· Lack of multisite support


Backup plans with certain security and performance features and come with unlimited capacity cost $60 for the first year then $120 per year. 

5. WPvivid: 

WPVivid provides one-click migrations, one-click site restorations, and scheduled, automated site backups. The plugin enables easy website or file migration to new servers and domains as well as remote storage service sending backups. You may also alter the information in backups and lock them to stop them from being automatically deleted.

Key Features:

· Automated backups on demand

· Incorporating cloud services

· Auto-restoration in one click

· Integrated staging 

Pros :

· Backups, both entire and incomplete

· Mobility abilities

· A premium feature is incremental backups.

· Support for several sites Performance features

Cons :

· Without off-site storage

· There are no live backups.

· The free tier offers up to 3 backups


A free version is also available. The annual starting price for the premium edition with incremental backups is $49.

Which WordPress Backup Plugin Is The Best?

In case of a calamity, always have a backup plan. Use a high-quality WordPress backup plugin to secure your website and data. To avoid losing the latest site version, make sure the backup plugin automatically backs up daily or weekly. It’s helpful to have a plugin that allows migrations, cloning, and data transfer between servers. UpdraftPlus looks to contain all you need for site backup. The All-In-One WP Migration plugin makes it easy to use backups to transfer websites from one server to another. Backups help when your site breaks. Thus, site security should be improved immediately. First, update your plugins and perform a security assessment.


How do I back up my entire WordPress site?

Install a backup plugin like UpdraftPlus, set it up, and then use the plugin’s instructions to build a backup to protect your complete WordPress site. You may also manually download the files from your website using FTP. And you can export the database using phpMyAdmin or a similar program while safely storing the contents. To secure the data on your website, do backups often.

How do I add a backup plugin to WordPress?

Follow these steps to add a backup plugin to WordPress:

1. Open your WordPress dashboard and log in.

2. Go to the “Plugins” section and select “Add New.”

3. Enter the name of the backup plugin you wish to install in the search field (such as UpdraftPlus or BackupBuddy).

4. Search for the plugin, then select “Install Now” from the menu.

5. After installation, enable the plugin by clicking the “Activate” button.

6. Set the plugin’s parameters, including the frequency of backups, the location of storage, and any other features it offers.

7. To build a backup of your WordPress site, according to the plugin’s instructions.

8. Keep in mind that your backup plugin has to be updated and maintained frequently to be working and compatible with your WordPress version.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, choosing the best WordPress backup plugin is crucial for ensuring the safety and continuity of your website. While there are several excellent options available. It ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as ease of use, comprehensive backup features, reliable support, and compatibility with your hosting environment. By evaluating these aspects, you’ll be able to select the WordPress backup plugin. That best aligns with your goals, allowing you to protect your website. Also will maintain peace of mind in the face of any unforeseen circumstances.

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