10 Essential WordPress Plugins to track website visitors

Do you know the number of daily, weekly, or yearly visitors to your WordPress website? If so, how do you ensure the validity of your data? Discover who visits your site, where they come from, and what they love most, all within the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. Say hello to actionable insights and wave goodbye to guesswork as you gain a crystal-clear view of your audience’s behavior.

Elevate your website’s success and make data-driven decisions with ease. Get ready to unleash the potential of your online presence, it’s time to track and thrive like never before.”

List of 10 WordPress Plugins to track website visitors

Plugin NameKey FeaturesPrice
MonsterInsightsReal-time analytics, E-commerce tracking, GDPR compliance, SEO reportsFree with premium options
OptinMonsterLead generation, Email list building, Exit-Intent popupsStarts at $9/month
Formidable FormUser flow analysis, Drag-and-drop form builder, Dynamic form fieldsFree with premium options
JetpackSite statistics, Google Analytics integration, CRM functionalityFree with premium options
ExactMetricsReal-time reports, Custom dimensions, Team permissionsFree with premium options
Crazy EggHeatmap analysis, Click and scroll tracking, Conversion optimizationFree
HubspotCRM tools, Traffic sources analysis, Chatbot integrationFree with premium options
AnalytifyGoogle Analytics enhancement, Custom reports, Data filteringFree with premium options
WP TaoVisitor metrics, IP tracking, Lead generationFree
Matomo AnalyticsAdvanced privacy protection, Deep visitor insights, E-commerce statsFree

1. MonsterInsights

The best option for a Google Analytics plugin is MonsterInsights.

And for tracking in WordPress, it’s a great plugin because of that. With the help of the information you receive from your Google Analytics account, you can rapidly determine what your visitors are doing.

What pages are the most popular, where do visitors come from, and how long do they stay on each page? You don’t need to be an expert to use it because MonsterInsights incorporates all of this into a user-friendly WordPress dashboard.

Key Features:

● Analytics and reporting in real-time

● E-commerce tracking for Member Press, Easy Digital Downloads, and Woo Commerce.

● EU compliance with GDPR friendly.

● Reports on User Behavior and SEO Ranking

● For separate monitoring of WordPress tags, category authors, and other pages, use custom dimensions.

● Universal Analytics with Google Analytics 4 support.

● Analytics within the WordPress dashboard for affiliate links and advertisements.


A free plugin from MonsterInsights gives you access to fundamental reports and functionality. For higher-level reports and functionality, a premium plan is required. The cheapest premium plans cost $199.50 a year.

2. OptinMonster 

The greatest lead generation and conversion optimization toolkit for WordPress is OptinMonster. Having said that, did you realize that more than 70% of visitors to your website today will leave without returning?

You can benefit from OptinMonster in this situation. It enables you to expand your email list and turns visitors into email subscribers.

You can make WordPress advertisements, drifting bars, slide-in optin forms, spin-to-win discount wheels, and more using OptinMonster’s drag-and-drop campaign builder.

Key Features:

● You can quickly increase traffic to your website by building an email list and getting users to sign up for it.

● Create an email newsletter and inform your subscribers of new blog posts, products, special deals, and forthcoming events.

● Through its Exit-Intent Internet, OptinMonster also aids in converting website visitors who are about to leave into subscribers and buyers. 

● When a person is about to leave your website, it automatically identifies this and shows a targeted ad.


Basic $9/Month

3. Formidable Form:

Get a thorough summary of all the steps your website visitors made before completing the form you created for them. What pages they visited, where they came from, and whether they clicked anything.

Key Features:

● Formidable Forms’ drag-and-drop form builder lets you construct customized forms without scripting effortlessly.

● Progress bars let you divide long forms into digestible chunks and improve user experience.

● Formidable Forms lets you show or hide form fields based on user input, making forms dynamic and interactive.

● Text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, file uploads, and more. The calculation, signature, and repeated fields are also possible.


You can create forms using the free plugin offered by Formidable Forms. To get Formidable’s User Flow efficiency, you must be on the Plus plan starting from $99.50/year.

4. Jetpack:

It is primarily known for its capacity to protect and accelerate your website.

But it also provides some sophisticated data that may be used to monitor and evaluate website visitors.

Key Features:

● Obtain site statistics on your visitors’ operating systems, page-by-page bounce rates, and other information. 

● Additionally, you can download Jetpack’s related plugin if you require CRM functionality.

● It provides important information on visitors, page views, and referrers. 

● You can analyze historical statistics and trends over time to better understand the traffic patterns to your website.

● Jetpack enables you to link your website to the potent online analytics tool Google Analytics.

Although it has less functionality than some other plugins, if you already use Jetpack for site security, it’s a wonderful choice.


Both a free and a paid version of Jetpack’s plugin are available. If you desire more than one product, you can combine the premium version with its other plugins.

5. ExactMetrics:

In order to connect to your website, ExactMetrics uses the most recent Google Analytics tracking code. You can use the detailed reports it provides to evaluate the effectiveness of each post or page on your website.

Key Features:

● You will get access to real-time reports that display website visits, traffic sources, and acquisition channels. 

● With this plugin, you may track authors, publishing year, categories, and user activity using custom dimensions.

● Additionally, you may manage who on your team sees particular reports by setting permissions based on user responsibilities.

Price: It’s a free-of-cost plugin but a premium version of $99.9/year is available with advanced features.

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6. Crazy Egg:

In addition to monitoring your website’s traffic, Crazy Egg creates a heatmap of your site that reveals the precise locations of visitors’ clicks, scrolls, and keystrokes.

Key Features:

● You can gain knowledge from this plugin that is simply not possible from quantitative data alone.

● To increase conversions and clicks, you may identify sections of your website that need improvement using Crazy Egg.

● Additionally, you’ll be able to use strategies from successful sections of your website on other pages.

Price: It’s a free plug-in.

7. Hubspot:

Hubspot is among the most widely used customer relationship management (CRM) platforms on the market.

Additionally, those tools can assist with visitor tracking on your WordPress website, which is great for any e-commerce website.

Key Features:

● To acquire a more detailed understanding of your customers, HubSpot offers a wealth of analytical tools.

● Check the sources of website traffic, check data on leads you’ve created, and even put up a chatbot to better serve consumers.

● HubSpot is much more than just a plug-in for WordPress that tracks website visitors. It is an all-inclusive solution for your online store.


A free version of HubSpot with fewer functionalities is available. By purchasing any of the premium editions, you can gain full access.

8. Analytify:

Your Google Analytics statistics can be enhanced by using analytics. Similar in some ways to Google’s Site Kit, but with more advanced reports and functionality.

Key Features:

● From your analytics dashboard, you can quickly view your visitors, page views, and unique visitors.

● Additionally, you can filter your data to get the specific facts you need for your customized reports.

● The WordPress track visitors’ plugin Analytify is a great choice if you currently use Google Analytics.


Basic reports are available in the free edition of Analytify, while more sophisticated reports and capabilities are available in the premium version.

9. WP Tao:

WP Tao describes itself as the “#1 must-have WordPress plugin for Online Entrepreneurs”.

And the reason for that lies in the functions offered in its visitor tracking WordPress plugin.

Key Features:

● With a step-by-step user report, you may check IP addresses, create leads, and acquire visitor metrics.

● Understanding your visitors or clients and learning what they like and don’t like about your website is simple with WP Tao.

● WP Tao is an excellent alternative if you want sophisticated WordPress visitor statistics in a report that is easy to read.


WP Tao is a free plug-in.

10. Matomo Analytics:

Looking for an alternative to Google Analytics in your visitor-tracking WordPress plugin?

Then check out Matomo!

Matomo is a great tracker for WordPress with its easy setup, advanced privacy protection, and deep visitor insights. Whether you’re a blog owner trying to learn more about your audience or an eCommerce site owner wanting to know your customer base, Matomo’s analytics can help you.

Key Features:

● Matomo collects demographics, location, browser, device, and referral sources for your website visitors. Real-time data tracks visitor involvement.

● Your website can track goals like form submissions, purchases, and other desired actions. This function lets you evaluate marketing efforts and improve website conversion rates.

● Matomo provides detailed website performance data and dashboards. Data trends can be graphed and exported for analysis. The software lets you segment visitor data by precise parameters.

● Matomo offers e-commerce statistics for online stores. Track product views, add-to-cart, purchases, and revenue. These insights boost sales and e-commerce strategies.


Matomo is a free plug-in.

Which one is the best WordPress plug-in to track visitors?

“MonsterInsights” is one of the most well-known WordPress plugins for tracking visitors; it allows you to seamlessly connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics, offering a comprehensive set of features to track and analyze visitor behavior. With MonsterInsights, you can gain insightful information about your website’s traffic, user engagement, demographics, and conversion rates. It provides an intuitive dashboard within your WordPress admin area, making it simple to access.

Criteria for choosing the best plug-in for your sites:

● Take your unique requirements and preferences into account while selecting the finest WordPress plugin for tracking visitors.

● In particular, look for plugins that provide real-time tracking, user-friendly interfaces, and interaction with well-known analytics tools like Matomo or Google Analytics.

● Give preference to plugins that provide customization possibilities, efficient performance, dependable support, and ongoing updates. 

● To determine user satisfaction and overall plugin performance, look at user reviews and ratings. 

● Aside from making sure it works with your WordPress version and current plugins, think about the price in comparison to the value it offers.

● A secure and dependable tracking experience depends on trustworthy developers with a good reputation. Finding the best plugin to get useful insights on website visitor behavior can be done by weighing these aspects.

How do track visitors Plug help you?

The use of plugins offers numerous advantages. Plugins can be modified. They frequently come at no cost or for a modest cost. Many of them may be quickly tailored to your unique needs. Additionally, using plugins for traffic and analytics is crucial to evaluating the performance of your WordPress website.

 How else can you determine if your business is expanding? How will you know if your SEO, content, and marketing activities are bringing customers to your website?

In light of this, there are three main justifications for using a WordPress traffic and analytics plugin. 

● You can Track trends in the number of visitors to your website.

● Observe the sources of traffic.

● Analyze the success of your campaigns and content.

Final Thoughts:

Understanding your website’s users is essential for business success in today’s digital environment. The best way to solve the problems of user behavior is to use our cutting-edge WordPress plugin to track visitors. 

You will learn a great deal about who visits your website, how they travel around your pages, and what keeps them engaged owing to its user-friendly interface and sophisticated statistics. With this priceless information at your disposal, you can make wise choices, improve your content, and adjust your marketing tactics to increase conversions.

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